Cobbity Daisy

The naturally compact cobbity daisy excels as a container plant. See more pictures of annual flowers.

Cobbity daisies are marvelous marguerite daisies that hail from the University of Sydney and have been released in the United States as one of the vegetatively propagated Proven Winners varieties.

Description of cobbity daisy: Naturally compact, cobbity daisies grow between 10 and 18 inches high, varying according to the cultivar, and need no special pinching to take on a full, bushy shape. They have perky single to double daisylike flowers that open prolifically throughout the growing season.

How to grow cobbity daisy: Provide full sun to light shade, and well-drained, organic soil. Plant out after the danger of spring frost has passed and fertilize frequently to encourage steady growth and continued flowering.

Propagating: This is a patented plant and unauthorized propagating of it is illegal.

Uses for cobbity daisy: Cobbity daisies excel as container plantings, blended with lower growing and cascading annuals of a variety of colors and textures. They also can be used in clusters in the front or middle of a flower or mixed border.

Cobbity Daisy related varieties: 'Summer Pink,' which grows 15 to 18 inches high, has single pink flowers that mature to darker mauve. 'Summer Angel,' which is of similar height, has fuller white flowers with a yellow center. More compact 'Sugar N' Ice' has small, fully double white flowers. 'Sugar Baby,' which grows 10 to 12 inches high, has white florets around a golden center.

Scientific name for cobbity daisy: Agryanthemum frutescens

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