10 Habits That Prevent Pests in Your Dorm Room

Be Quiet and Study
Keeping your nose in the books will help keep some of the human pests out of your room -- and you might get better grades, too.
Keeping your nose in the books will help keep some of the human pests out of your room -- and you might get better grades, too.

Pests come in many shapes and sizes. We've mentioned many in the preceding pages, such as cockroaches, flies, spiders, mice and rats. But there are also those annoying biped pests, your fellow students. You know, the guy who always pops in uninvited and proceeds to eat all of your food, and the girl with that high-pitched, annoying laugh. And what about that kid who's always whining to you about her love life? Keep your room nice and quiet, and your nose buried in your books. Maybe have some classical music softly playing in the background. That should drive them away every time.

Author's Note: 10 Habits That Prevent Pests in Your Dorm Room

I hate bugs. I've gotten pretty good at preventing them from entering my house, but now that I've got two kids in college, I have to make sure they keep them out of their dorm rooms -- not only for their own comfort, but so they don't carry them back here! Luckily, the answer is simple: Clean. Unfortunately, that's not something that comes naturally to most students.

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How often should you dust your dorm room?

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