10 Habits That Prevent Pests in Your Dorm Room

Hang Up Wet Towels and Clothes

Many pests love water and moisture, plus piles of clothes or papers, which they can use as a nice, snug nest. They've hit the jackpot if you're the kind of person who tosses wet towels and duds on the floor, on the counter or even over a chair, as they can create a nice, moist home in all of these situations. So hang up your towel immediately after showering, along with any hand towels or washcloths you used. Same thing goes for dish towels and dish rags. Remember, too, that sweaty duds from your workout at the gym count as wet clothes. And even though you should generally put all of your dirty clothes in the hamper, don't do that with wet or damp items, as they can start to grow mold. Either wash and dry them immediately, or hang them up to air dry [sources: No Pests, MomLogic].

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