10 Privacy Tips for Dorm Living


Get Out of the Dorm When Possible

Some privacy issues can be resolved if you remember that dorms are designed as a place to park yourself and your stuff when not otherwise occupied. They're not meant to be a home away from home. For example, the dorm isn't the only place, and often not the best place, to study. The library is quieter; the stacks (shelved books) and special collections are especially secluded. Coffee shops and cafes have a cheerier, more interesting environment. They're also good places to mix with the locals and fellow matriculants. On nice days, grab a blanket and head for a shady hillside or local park.

Plus, there's more to college studies than textbooks and term papers. Just about every department has an organization or program for professional development, from the literary magazine for English majors to the agricultural honor society for future farmers.

Plus, there's more to college life than studies. On campus or in town, you'll find cultural gatherings, athletic events and volunteer opportunities for every interest.