10 Spots in the Dorm Bathroom Everyone Forgets to Clean

That mirror needs defogging! Hemera/Thinkstock

Whether you're sharing a bathroom with suitemates or an entire floor of dormmates, there's a problem you've probably encountered: foggy bathroom mirrors. Never mind the fact that you have three minutes to finish getting ready before chem class. This, somehow, is always the exact moment someone will finish a hot shower and steam-up every mirror in the room. And, even if you weren't trying to peer through a low-hanging cloud you'd still be plagued by the smattering of toothpaste and hairspray that perpetually peppers every mirror.

Take matters into your own hands by cleaning and defogging your bathroom mirrors. Grab two bowls and a cleaning cloth. Put one quart of room temperature water and two tablespoons of white vinegar in one bowl, and one quart of hot water with the same amount of vinegar in another. Dip the cleaning cloth into the room temperature mixture and clean the mirror with it; then switch to the hot mixture and wipe it over the mirror and let it dry. Congratulations! You've just cleaned and defogged your favorite shiny surfaces [source: Apartment Therapy].