10 Tips for Decorating Studio Apartments


Anchor Furniture Placements

Analyze any well-designed indoor space and you'll notice that objects just look like they belong where they're situated. Designers use furniture placement to pull this off by organizing furnishings into smaller groups within a room. Just because your studio apartment is small doesn't mean you shouldn't use this trick to create a finished look. Evaluate your furnishings by function. If a table, chair and lamp constitute a reading area in a corner, go one step further by defining that smaller space with a rug and framed print. You can perform this wizardry on all the functional areas in your studio apartment while still keeping the space open and airy. Think of anchors as visual boundaries that create virtual walls.

Some effective anchors are:

  • rugs
  • wall art
  • planters
  • shelves
  • sofa tables
  • decorative screens