10 Tips for Decorating Studio Apartments


Use Your Walls for Storage

Once you overhaul your closets and organize your belongings, you may discover that you're still short on storage. Your stuffed animal collection, books and photo albums have to go somewhere, right? When you have more history than room to store it in, open storage may be the answer. Shelves offer two solutions in one tidy package. If you like the idea of showing off some of your belongings, you'll gain a showcase for your collections as well as some much-needed extra space.

If you have small items that may be too personal or mundane to display (and who doesn't?), conceal them in plain sight by stowing them in decorative baskets, boxes or bins. You can put shelves almost anywhere: over or under a window, over a bed, in a corner or even suspended from the ceiling. This idea can be a creative bonanza, so don't sell it short.