5 Reasons to Love Dorm Life

You Can Do (Almost) Whatever You Want
Once you move out of home and into the dorm, the rules are up to you (mostly). Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

If you live near the college of your choice, you might consider living at home instead of venturing into the dorms. And there are definitely some perks to staying with your parents: You'll avoid the cost and hassle of moving, you'll sleep in your own bed and you can still hang out with the family dog when studying gets tough.

However, many college students find that staying with their families limits their ability to discover their own independence. Living at home means that parents can still assign chores, set curfews and decide what you have for dinner; for most, there's very little opportunity to begin making the more adult choices that dorm-dwellers do.

While you won't have parents nagging you about chores in a dorm, these aren't tasks that you should eschew completely. In fact, quite the contrary: You'll learn quickly that refusals to vacuum, do laundry or take out the trash will not be looked upon kindly by roommates or others in close quarters. After a few nights of staying out too late before an 8 a.m. class, you'll learn to set your own curfews as you see fit. And you'll still get to take advantage of pre-made food like you might at home -- but you get to choose the cuisine. Dorm life doesn't exempt you from rules; rather, it just allows you the freedom to write them in ways that work for you.

Dorm life also offers increased privacy. "Privacy?" you might ask. "But I'll have a roommate!" Very true, but a roommate isn't a parent; she's not watching your every move, and she probably won't care whether you get your homework done before or after going to trivia night at the student union. And while many dorms have security systems (for example, some require students to swipe their student IDs to gain entry), you're allowed to come and go as you please.

Need a more practical reason to choose dorm living? Read on to find out why dorms can be great for your bottom line.


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