5 Reasons to Love Dorm Life

It's Really, Really Convenient
Most dorms are located on campus so it's super convenient for students to live there. Roberto Westbrook/Getty Images

Ample food that's already paid for? Check. Built-in friends and study buddies? Check. Access to state-of-the-art technological and research facilities? Check. All of this within walking distance? Check. No matter how you slice it, dorm life puts the smackdown on just about every other college housing option in terms of convenience.

In fact, dorm life is designed specifically to make sure that students have as much time as possible for the important (academics) and fun (social and recreational) aspects of college. Meal plans, often featuring widely varying cuisines and some surprisingly healthy choices, eliminate weekly grocery runs. Ate too much of the red velvet cake in the cafeteria? Not to worry -- many colleges and universities feature state-of-the-art sports, exercise and other recreational facilities. And not only are they within walking distance if you live on campus, but the cost is also included in student tuition.

The convenience factor also extends to academics. On-campus residents can stroll over to the library or the lab at almost any time to work on a term paper or a tricky experiment; professors and teaching assistants (TAs) also hold office hours on campus for students who have questions outside of lecture time. And while dorms are great for social gatherings, chances are that some of the people you're heading into town with on the weekends are also in a few of your classes. Most dorm halls also feature multiple lounges that are rife with opportunities for study groups and tutoring.

Author's Note: 5 Reasons to Love Dorm Life

I'm an experienced college-hopper: I lived in a dorm for part of my first year, moved home and commuted to another college through my sophomore year, then commuted from my own apartment to a different university to earn my degree. I still had a blast, but I'll be honest: I feel a little cheated out of the true college experience. My dorm-dwelling friends were more tightly knit and did way more fun things than I did, and while the surface-level goal of college might be to graduate with a degree and a high GPA, I'm a little, teensy bit sorry I moved on from the dorm scene so quickly. So if you ever read a news story about a girl throwing pumpkins off the roof of her apartment, you'll know I'm just trying to see what might have been.

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