5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a Dorm

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How often should you dust your dorm room?

How often should you dust your dorm room?

If you're not dusting regularly, you're letting all kinds of gross things drift around your living space. Get tips on keeping your dorm dust-free.

Author's Note: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a Dorm

I wish I had read (or written) something like this while I was in college. I probably could have kick-started some healthy habits back then that would still be paying off now. Hindsight, I suppose. I ate out constantly and then hit the dining hall when I ran out of money. Come to think of it, I could have increased my health and my bank account at the same time if I ate out less in college! Maybe I should read the HowStuffWorks article on How Time Travel Works?

Even though this article was about healthy living in the dorms, it really follows the ideas of healthy living in general. Exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep. That basically sums it up. It's the whole doing it part that makes it so difficult.

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