5 Ways to Adjust to Dorm Life


Don't Get Too Friendly

If you're living in a coed dorm (or even a same-sex dorm), you'll meet people that you're tempted to become romantically involved with. After all, you're probably between 18 and 22 years of age and your body is pumping more hormones than it ever will again in your entire life. When you see someone attractive coming down the hallway, you'll start thinking of becoming a lot more than friends with them. At your age, it's just automatic.

Look, we know it's useless to tell you not to consider becoming snuggle buddies with that guy or girl on the next floor who gives you flirty looks every time you find yourselves on the elevator together. But if temptation strikes, consider this: You may be spending as many as four years periodically bumping into that person in the elevator, and a romance that initially seems like it will last forever can fizzle out disastrously after a few weeks or even a few days. Do you really want that person telling all their friends about the embarrassing secrets you revealed during a particularly intimate moment? Or describing that tattoo that you strategically located in a place where only really, really good friends would get to see it? No, we didn't think you did.

But the heart has its reasons which reason knows not of. (Blaise Pascal said that. Really. And, yes, it will be on the final.) If you fall in love, you fall in love, and after that everything's pretty much in the hands of fate. And why did you get that tattoo, anyway?