5 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Dorm Room

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How often should you dust your dorm room?

How often should you dust your dorm room?

If you're not dusting regularly, you're letting all kinds of gross things drift around your living space. Get tips on keeping your dorm dust-free.

Author's Note: 5 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Dorm Room

Here's an approach I do not recommend -- the old "college try" (by which I mean, doing nothing at all).

I had a pair of friends who roomed together all through college. Our sophomore year, they chose a gigantic double room in a building that was a hundred years old (the first building to be completed on our campus). It could be said that the building was kind of decrepit. These girls weren't exactly fastidious, either. So, one night, during a Super Smash Bros. session, I tried to ignore the quick, brown streak that appeared across the back wall, moving from one bed, behind the television, to the other bed.

"I think there's a mouse in here," I said.

"Nah," said the occupants of the room. The other guests appeared unconcerned.

A few minutes later, the rodent in question cautiously approached a two-day-old pizza box which was holding a few calcified slices. Vindicated!

One of my friends casually rose from her spot, gathered her bags of chips and crackers from the floor underneath her bed, and dumped them in a Tupperware tub. The pizza stayed on the floor, the Nintendo game continued, all eyes fixed straight ahead and the mouse remained in their room for most of the year. On the upside, there were remarkably few flies and ladybugs.

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