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If you're a renter, cleaning your windows involves taking care so you don't damage anything but still get sparkling results. Let the sun shine in with these window cleaning tips for apartment dwellers not blessed with a window-cleaning service.

So, you've found the perfect apartment -- the location is great, there's lots of space, and you're ready to move in with some close friends. But before you pack everything up, make sure you take a close look at the lease.

So you're too young, fit and fantastic for assisted living or a nursing home? Do you want a little security mixed in with remaining social? A senior apartment may be the best option.

We know you're eager to get unpacked, but this is important. If you aren't meticulous about documenting pre-existing damage in your new apartment, the manager might keep your security deposit.

When you're searching for a new apartment to rent, the last thing you want to think about is probably the presence of pests. But if you ignore some telltale signs, you might find yourself inheriting unwanted critters.

Studio apartments aren't big on space, so good organization is a must. Keep reading to learn How to Get the Most Out of a Studio Apartment.

While there are several advantages to renting an apartment, sharing a space with other people often means sharing things you don't necessarily want. Like bugs.

When you rent a place to live, you provide the landlord with a security deposit. And if you didn't damage anything, you get that money back. Of course, it's not always that simple.

If you're ready to rent a place, you'll want to carefully review a few things on the lease before you sign on that last line. It may prevent some major headaches for both you and the landlord.

If ants ever invade your house or yard, you'll be well-armed for dealing with the problem -- and keeping your pets safe -- if you follow this set of anti-infestation tips.

One of the biggest complaints among apartment renters is being able to hear the sound from the people you share your walls with. Here are a few ways to help you deal with the noise.