How to Get the Most Out of a Studio Apartment

Enhance Visual Perception of Space
Lighting makes a big difference to the way your eye perceives space.
Lighting makes a big difference to the way your eye perceives space.

One of your biggest tasks when moving into a studio apartment is making your compact space look and feel larger, which will make you and your guests feel less claustrophobic. You can achieve this through various means.

  • Creative lighting: Simply making sure all corners of your apartment are lighted will make it look larger. It also helps to layer your light. So, don't just plop a floor lamp down as your lighting source. Instead, add a wall sconce and mini chandelier to that area as well. Using high-gloss paint on your walls and incorporating accessories like mirrors and glass pieces will also help reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • De-cluttering: Sorry, but those piles of paper and laundry have to go. Ditto for your innumerable knickknacks. When you have a bunch of junk lying around, whether on a desktop or in a room, it makes that space visibly shrink. Yes, it's painful to toss things out, and it's a drag to constantly be straightening up. But it doesn't cost you a penny, and the results are well worth it.
  • Letting the floor show: Your studio will look larger if some of the floor is showing, so make sure your rug is smaller than your floor space.
  • Strategic furniture placement: Setting your largest furnishings against the wall will open up your floor space. Consider purchasing at least one or two pieces of furniture in the same color as your walls, which will cause them to blend in and visually disappear.
  • Thinking light and bright: Lighter wall colors -- yellows, greens, creams -- will make your studio feel larger. However, the right darker color can make it look cozy and warm, especially if your place has high ceilings.
  • Going vertical: Draw eyes upward -- which expands your sense of space -- with vertical lines: tall, narrow bookcases, vertical stripes, pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, a series of small pictures hung on top of one another.

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