How to Get the Most Out of a Studio Apartment

Select Furnishings for Fashion and Form

You have to think extra carefully when furnishing your new, teeny-tiny home. Don't just rush out and purchase whatever strikes your eye, or you'll likely be disappointed with the result. First, keep in mind that sleek and chic are where it's at. This isn't the time to purchase overstuffed pieces, or furniture with thick arms and legs -- those will weigh down a room. Clean, simple lines are best. Furniture that sits low to the floor makes the room seem smaller, so opt for pieces with longer legs. Your eyes will be drawn to the space underneath and perceive the entire area as larger [source: Griswold].

It's best to select lighter-colored furniture, too, or use a monochromatic scheme, selecting furniture in the same color family as your walls. Both of these techniques open up your space. Make it pop by employing accents like metallic accessories, or even by painting one wall a vibrant color, which also creates a visual focal point -- and focal points make smaller spaces appear larger [source: Griswold].

Finally, don't be afraid to think outside the box. Instead of automatically purchasing floor and table lamps, for example, consider hanging lights, which can illuminate space just as well without adding visual clutter [source: Home Lighting Advice].

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