10 Tips for Surviving Communal Bathrooms

Lower the Toilet Seat
Unless you live in an all-male household, pull the toilet seat down after using. Mayte Torres/Flckr/Thinkstock

"Does this place look like I'm [expletive] married? The toilet seat's up, man," explains Jeff Bridges to a pair of intruders who have mistaken the dazed and confused bachelor for a pillar of the local community in "The Big Lebowski." Like puppies, racing thoroughbreds and deep-sea divers, some men simply need to be trained when it comes to the habit of putting the seat down in its resting position after use.

Of all the thorny issues that can come up in the unisex communal lavatory situation, this is probably the one that causes the most strife. Some guys object that the onus is on them to take this extra step. But you can save some tension with your significant other, roommate or co-worker by taking two extra seconds to ensure the seat is down when you've completed your business [source: Hyde].