Concrete Fountains for the Backyard

The beauty of a concrete fountain is that you can go as simple or as ornate as you like.
The beauty of a concrete fountain is that you can go as simple or as ornate as you like.

In the era of the staycations, many homeowners are investing more in their landscapes. Most of us vacation to experience relaxation and beauty, so why not create the opportunity to experience both at your own home? Water features are a wonderful way to both beautify your garden and create a peaceful setting, and adding a concrete fountain adds a majestic element of old-world charm. When choosing a concrete fountain, you typically have two options: free-standing or wall fountains. If you have an existing garden or landscape plan, you'll want to find one that fits seamlessly into what you've already got going on. Or, if you're starting with an empty slate, you can enjoy choosing the focal point that your future garden will be designed around.

Freestanding fountains offer 360 degree views and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose a miniature version of a park fountain with multiple tiers that allow water to flow down with a soothing trickle. You can opt for a version where the water originates from a statue and flows into a bowl, like the ever-present peeing boy. You can also choose a combination of both of these, where the statue is perched above a pool or tiers. There are endless configurations available in a range of price points. Wall fountains come in similar ornamental styles, but typically offer a decorative top that empties into a single bowl and are only viewable from 180 degrees. Whatever style you choose, the addition of this classic yard ornament is sure to please your aesthetic and help you unwind.

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