Create a Green Haven

Sit back and relax as this Zen green haven appeals to each of your senses.
Sit back and relax as this Zen green haven appeals to each of your senses.

Sara and landscape designer, Cheryl Jacques found a way to create a Zen garden for the senses by incorporating plants that use all of the sensory perceptions ... sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.  


  • Variety of Plants
  • Wind Chime
  • Water Feature
  • Patio Chairs
  • Pillows
  • Throw
  • Trunk or small table
  • Small accessories like a small pitcher or some books


  1. First choose a secluded area of the yard.  It fine if it lacks character and coziness.
  2. Rearrange or bring in furniture … a couple of chairs and a side table will create a nice oasis.  Reusing what is available is always better than buying something new.
  3. Sight & Sound:  Use large flowing ornamental grasses like Dallas Blue Switch grass or something else unusual such as Northern Sea Oats.  These create movement when the wind takes them swaying in the wind.
  4. Touch:  Add plants with fuzzy leaves like Jack Frost Brunneria or Fiber Optic Grass.  This is soft and touchable.
  5. Place both of these close to your chair so you can feel them blowing in the breeze and reach out to touch the fuzzy foliage.
  6. Sight & Scent:  Use bright colorful flowers in pots and planted in the ground.  Scatter these all around the area to please the eye and one's sense of smell.  Asters and Russian Sage are great natural plants that will work well.  Get creative here.  This is where you can let your nose lead you through the picking.
  7. Taste:  If you're looking for the sense of taste as well, plant some culinary herbs or nasturtiums. 
  8. Enhanced Sounds:  To enhance the sounds in the garden, include a natural-looking water feature and a wind chime in your garden. 
  9. Make it like Home:  To create a home-like, soft environment head indoors and look for pillows and a throw that can stand the outdoor elements.  This will bring a sense of familiarity and certain coziness to the outdoor haven.  
  10. Get creative.  Add anything that makes you feel at home while being out of doors.  Place everything according to your eye and what makes you comfortable.  Then, sit back and relax in your new green haven.