Cycnoches Loddigesii Orchid

Cycnoches loddigesii (swan orchid) gets its name from “kyknos; swan” and “auchen; neck” which describe the appearance of the male flowers. The epiphytic plants have four to eight inch pseudobulbs topped with long, pleated leaves.

Cycnoches loddigesii
Cycnoches loddigesii

The brownish-green male and female flowers of Cycnoches loddigesii are separate and have a different shape. A plant can have male flowers one year, female the next, or both at the same time. The male flowers are more numerous than the female flowers. If not pollinated, female flowers will last for six weeks.

Swan orchids usually bloom in summer or fall. Female flowers usually appear when the plant is in good health and gets bright light. Less light produces male flowers or no flowers at all. Cycnoches loddigesii orchids prefer intermediate to warm temperatures. Keep the plant evenly moist while it is actively growing, but water it sparingly during resting periods and during the winter. Resume watering when the flower spike appears.

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