Dalmatian Bellflower

By: C. Colston Burrell
Dalmatian bellflower is one of the best flowers for any rock garden. See more pictures of perennials.

Bellflowers are popular garden flowers with bell-shaped blooms. Many varieties are of specific interest to rock gardeners, including the beautiful and adaptable Dalmatian bellflower.

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Description of Dalmatian bellflower: This is a low, tufted perennial with somewhat kidney-shaped leaves. The stems grow up to 9 inches in height and bear bluish-purple, 1-inch-long flowers. Ease of care: Easy.

Growing Dalmatian bellflower: Plant in full sun or partial shade and in well-drained soil with adequate moisture.

Propagating Dalmatian bellflower: The Dalmatian bellflower self-sows readily and can also be grown from divisions and cuttings.

Uses for Dalmatian bellflower: This is an excellent plant for almost all situations in the rock garden: scree gardens, crevices, and the like. It is ideal for rock walls and often self-sows in them.

Dalmatian bellflower related species: There are a great many other rock garden bellflowers, including the similar bluebells of Scotland (C. rotundtfolia) with round basal leaves and grasslike stem leaves. It also grows in the wild on rock faces in eastern North America. Its flowers are typically bright blue, but purple and white flowered varieties are also available.

Scientific name of Dalmatian bellflower: Campanula portenschlagiana


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