Deck Ideas

Tight Spaces Put to Good Use

©California Redwood Association A modular deck system came to the rescue when a steep downslope prevented conventional solutions.

Whether due to the nature of the site or simply because outdoor space is at a premium, there may be limited space for a deck. A spatial challenge like that requires creative solutions to your deck ideas. One approach that can work well with hard-to-reach or confined outdoor areas is a modular deck system. A modular deck is composed of sections prebuilt at a shop (or in the garage) and then assembled on-site. Often only the floor decking itself is the modular component, but stairs, seating, and railings may also be prefabricated into sections that are handy to transport and quick to assemble. This versatile approach can also save on construction labor and expense.

Another solution to the small-space dilemma is tailoring the deck to an "exact fit," making use of every available inch. That might mean sandwiching a simple platform deck between a fence and the house or shaping a more complex design into a series of tightly interconnected levels. Revamping a small lackluster area might also be the answer. For instance, converting narrow back steps and a concrete walkway into a few broad landings with built-in benches and planters would still provide access to and from the house while encouraging outdoor living.

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