Deck Ideas

Gazebos Evoke Past Pleasures

©Archadeck This gazebo serves as a relaxing retreat. The octagonal shape, white finish, and rooftop lantern for admitting light and air are typical Victorian-style features

In Victorian times, the most popular deck idea was the gazebo: an airy summerhouse or garden structure set well away from the main house, often on a knoll where views were especially pleasant. As was the fashion, they were elaborately styled and embellished with intricate fretwork. Today's gazebos fulfill the same function, providing an open-air retreat. Although most modern gazebos are more simply styled than their predecessors, they often have the same traditional octagonal shape, turreted roof, and decorative detailing.

As a structure to complement both home and garden, a gazebo can serve as more than an attractive focal point or seating with a view. It might function as a children's play space or a charming spot for Sunday brunch. Partially enclosed, it could act as a poolside changing room, a studio, or a storage area for garden tools. However it suits your particular needs, a gazebo can bring old-fashioned pleasure to the yard.

©Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. A spa surround with charm, this sheltered corner recalls another type of gazebo from yesteryear -- a turreted balcony perched on the side of a building

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