Deck Ideas

Levels Offer Site Solutions

©Wolmanized Wood A pleasing juxtaposition of heights and shapes creates visual interest and helps define the different

When carrying out your deck ideas, you may run into dilemmas associated with outdoor living. These can be resolved with multilevel decks. They can step up or down a steep or rocky slope to transform an impossible site into a useful one. They might be shaped into a progression of space-saving platforms to make the most of an awkward or cramped outdoor area or arranged in a succession of broader levels to give a large uninteresting yard a new focus. By adding built-in seating, planters, places for sun and shade, and perhaps even a water feature, multilevel decks can become more popular living spaces than the rooms indoors.

All decks look their best when they have a unified appearance. Multiple decks in particular can seem uncomfortably busy if they lack continuity in materials or design. Repeating a railing detail, platform shape, or bench style will help tie the various levels together.

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