Anemone, Japanese

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The Japanese anemone's name comes from the Greek word for "wind," and some other anemone species are called wind flowers. This perennial's strong-stemmed, showy, poppylike flowers can reach a height of four to five feet, in white, pink, or lavender. Each flower has five or more petallike sepals that enclose numerous golden stamens. The compound green leaves are about two feet tall and turn wine-red in autumn.

How to grow: Anemones are easily grown in fertile, moist soil with plenty of organic matter mixed in. They prefer full sun in northern gardens but will adjust to partial shade. Anemones need partial shade in southern gardens. Protect anemones from slugs. In areas that have severe winters with little snow cover, plants should be mulched in late fall. They bloom late in summer and in fall, so protect flowers from early frosts in colder areas.


Propagation: By division in early spring or by root division.

Uses: Anemones are especially beautiful when grown in large clumps.

Scientific name: Anemone species


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