Basket-of-Gold, Goldentuft

Basket-of-gold, also known as goldentuft, is a See more pictures of perennial pictures.

Basket-of-Gold, or goldentuft, were once included in the Alyssum genus. These perennials and charming flowers of spring now belong to the mustard family. Attractive low gray foliage growing in dense mats gives support to clusters of four-petaled, golden-yellow flowers floating 6 to 12 inches above the plants.

How to grow: Goldentufts are easy to grow in full sun in well-drained, average soil, but plants will rot in damp locations and resent high humidity. Shear off the stalks after plants bloom.


Propagation: By cuttings, division, or seed.

Uses: Goldentufts are quite happy growing in the spaces between stone walks, carpeting a rock garden, or growing in pockets in stone walls where their flowers become tumbling falls of gold.

Related varieties: Mountain Gold has silvery evergreen leaves and fragrant bright yellow flowers. Citrina bears lemon-yellow flowers.

Scientific name: Aurinia saxatilis


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