Bergenia, Pigsqueak

Bergenias, also known as pigsqueaks, are perennial flowers that prefer See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Bergenias, or pigsqueaks, originated in Siberia and Mongolia, so these perennials are perfectly happy in low temperatures when covered with snow. Thick, rounded evergreen leaves, often a foot long, grow crowns and are edged with red in cold weather. Flowers have spikes of pink or white wax and bloom in drooping clusters.

How to grow: These plants prefer light shade and good moist soil with plenty of organic matter. They are easy to grow, but foliage is easily damaged.


Propagation: By division or from seed.

Uses: Use bergenia for rock gardens, front edges of borders, and plantings on difficult slopes.

Related species: The winter begonia, Bergenia ciliata, develops large, rounded leaves that are densely hairy on both sides. Bergenia purpurascens has dark greenish-purple leaves.

Scientific name: Bergenia cordifolia


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