Boltonias are white perennial flowers native to North America. See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Boltonias are native American perennial wildflowers found in poor or damp soil as far north as Manitoba, Canada, then south to Florida and west to Texas. Plants resemble asters with sturdy stems, narrow leaves, and dozens of white flowers in clusters. Blooming from late summer into fall, a well-situated boltonia will be covered with bloom.

How to grow: Boltonias prefer average garden soil in full sun. Like many wildflowers, they are easy to grow and will be larger in moist, fertile soil.


Propagation: By division in spring or fall.

Uses: Since most boltonias grow five to eight feet high, they are best at the rear of the garden. A line of these plants will become a flowering hedge of great charm. They can be used with ornamental grasses or mixed with fall asters.

Related varieties: Snowbank is an excellent, four-foot selection of the species and now a garden classic. Pink Beauty is not as vigorous but has soft pink flowers.

Scientific name: Boltonia asteroides


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