Nierembergia, Cup Flower

Nierembergia is an See more pictures of annual flowers.

Nierembergia is an annual flower known as the cup flower. Though rarely used, it refers to the shape of the flower, which is somewhat like an open-faced bowl.

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Description: Nierembergia has attractive, thin, narrow leaves topped at the ends with bluish or purple flowers. The plants develop outward rather than upward, up to six inches high, and will spread a foot.

How to grow: Grow nierembergia in full sun and well-drained soil with adequate moisture. Medium fertility is adequate to grow them well. Transplant to the garden when all danger of frost has passed. For full coverage, plant them five to six inches apart.

Propagation: Sow seeds indoors 10 to 12 weeks prior to planting in the garden after the last frost. Seeds germinate in 14 to 21 days at 70 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses: Grow nierembergia as a flowering ground cover in full sun, massed in large patches or beds. It's an ideal edging plant for beds and borders and for lining paths and walkways with ease.

Scientific name: Nierembergia hippomanica violacea

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