Swan River Daisy

Swan River daisy is a

Swan River Daisy is an annual flower that is variable in nature, with blue, pink, white and purple flowers centered with either yellow or black.

Description: The Swan River daisy forms a loose mound up to 18 inches tall with equal spread. A plant with numerous branches, it holds its one-inch flowers upright on slender stems.


How to grow: Brachycome needs full sun and a rich but well-drained soil. To encourage bushiness, young plants should be pinched once. Space plants nine inches apart in the garden.

Propagation: For early bloom, sow seeds indoors at 70 degrees Fahrenheit six weeks prior to planting out after danger of frost has passed. Germination will take 10 to 18 days. Seeds may also be sown outdoors after the frost-free date. Cuttings will root in 15 days and are useful for multiplying good forms of brachycome.

Uses: Because of its mounding habit, brachycome is an ideal hanging basket or container plant. It also is useful for edging tall borders.

Related varieties: Purple Splendor will give shades of blue to purple. For a range of all colors, plant Mixed Colors.

Scientific name: Brachycome iberidifolia

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