Dendrobium Orchid

The large genus, Dendrobium, with over 1600 species, comes from the Far East and the western Pacific. There are also many hybrids. The name, from the Greek “dendron; tree,” and “bios; life,” refers to living in trees.

Dendrobium Fire Coral
Dendrobium Fire Coral

Some Dendrobium orchids have pseudobulbs, others do not; some are deciduous, others are evergreen; and some come from the hot sea-level, others come from the cold mountain regions. They have flowers in all the colors of the rainbow.

Dendrobium atennatum var. d’Albertisii (rabbit-ear orchid) needs warm temperatures and filtered light. Dendrobium Gatton Sunray is a hybrid that requires intermediate temperatures and blooms in the spring and in the summer. Dendrobium pierardii is deciduous and prefers intermediate temperatures. The fragrant flowers bloom from old leafless pseudobulbs in the spring and in the early summer. Dendrobium teretifolium blooms in the summer and in the fall and needs intermediate to warm temperatures. It has long, terete leaves. Dendrobrium victoriae-reginae blooms throughout the year and needs cool to intermediate temperatures. It is deciduous and has stemlike pseudobulbs.

Dendrobium Boonchoo
Dendrobium Boonchoo

Deciduous species usually prefer cool temperatures and even moisture with a rest period after flowering. Evergreen species like warmth and even moisture. Since a number of Dendrobium can flower from the same canes several years in succession, be careful in discarding old canes when repotting. All resent being repotted.

Orchid Types

Anguloa Uniflora OrchidLycaste Orchid
Anota violacea, Rhynchostylis violacea OrchidMaxillaria Houtteana Orchid
Ascocentrum Curvifolium Orchid
Miltonia Orchid
Brassavola Orchid
Odontoglossum Orchid
Bulbophyllum Lobbii Orchid
Oncidium Orchid
Cattleya Orchid
Paphiopedilum Orchid
Chysis Laevis Orchid
Phalaenopsis Orchid
Cycnoches Loddigesii Orchid
Pleurothallis Orchid
Cymbidum Orchid
Renanthera Brookie Chandler Orchid
Dendrobium Orchid
Rhynchostylis Coelestis Orchid
Doritis Orchid
Rodriguezia Secunda Orchid
Epidendrum Orchid
Sophronitella Violacea Orchid
Laelia Orchid
Stanhopea Orchid
Lokhartia Oerstedii Orchid

Vanda Orchid

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