Dry Soil Annuals

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All plants need water, but some do better in dry soil than others. If you live in a dry climate or have areas in your garden that dry out or drain faster than others, consider planting an annual that tolerates dry soil or drought conditions.

This page includes links to annuals that can do well in average to dry soil. Check with your local garden center to ensure the plants you choose are appropriate for your location. And be sure to keep on watering regularly.


Annual Grasses and Foliage for Dry Soil:

Blue to Purple Annuals for Dry Soil:

Multicolor Annuals for Dry Soil:


Pink to Fuchsia Annuals for Dry Soil:

Red Annuals for Dry Soil:

Yellow to Orange Annuals for Dry Soil:

White to Green Annuals for Dry Soil:

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