False Shamrock

By: Larry Hodgson

False shamrock folds at night and reopens each morning.See more pictures of house plants.

False shamrock bears large, cloverlike leaves with perfectly triangular leaflets, green on top and red underneath. They fold down each night and open again each morning. Certain cultivars have bronze to red leaves and silver markings. The white flowers are borne continuously throughout the year.

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It is easy to multiply the false shamrock by dividing the numerous scaly bulbs found in the potting mix. Unlike most bulbous plants, it will never go dormant as long as adequate growing conditions are supplied.


False Shamrock Quick Facts:

Scientific Name:Oxalis regnellii

Common Name: False Shamrock

Light Requirement for False Shamrock: Bright Light to Filtered Light

Water RequirementforFalse Shamrock: Drench, Let Dry

HumidityforFalse Shamrock: High

TemperatureforFalse Shamrock: House

FertilizerforFalse Shamrock: Balanced

Potting MixforFalse Shamrock: All-Purpose

PropagationofFalse Shamrock: Division

Decorative UseforFalse Shamrock: Table

Care RatingforFalse Shamrock: Very Easy


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