Flagstone Path and Gazebo

When your project is complete, you can relax in the gazebo and reap the benefits of all the work you put into laying that flagstone.
When your project is complete, you can relax in the gazebo and reap the benefits of all the work you put into laying that flagstone.

A large, under-utilized yard is transformed into a functional, relaxing area from which to enjoy amazing California mountain views. A flagstone path and gazebo are built to create a living room outdoors - a place where the homeowners can relax and entertain. To tie it all together, complimentary flower beds and trees are planted, the hot tub area is revitalized and the lawn is given a makeover.

Step 1: Mark the Path

The first step in laying the flagstone path is to mark off the desired walkway area with string. Make sure that you measure and have the straightest lines possible. Then, mow the grass in that area on your lowest mower setting. Using a sod remover, remove the existing grass. Remove any large grass or soil and level the area. Then, add about one inch of sand and rake level - the sand will act as the foundation for your stone. Choose stones and set into sand making sure they are level (do not wobble). Also try to keep the stones level with the grass level. When finished, clean stones off with a hose. 

Step 2: Build the Gazebo

To build the gazebo, first lay in a level concrete slab to act as a foundation. Allow plenty of drying time before assembling gazebo. Follow provided gazebo assembly plans. Make sure that when you have all four sides up that the diagonal measurements are equal so that the roof will easily fit. After roof is in place, slide in roof panels. When gazebo is finished, secure gazebo legs to dry concrete slab. 

Step 3: Plant Flowers

To install flower beds and plants around gazebo, acquire or move rich soil into place. Make sure that the soil has a slight slop away from gazebo. Put in plants in desired pattern making sure to leave plenty of room in between for future growth. When plants and trees are in place, be sure to thoroughly water for the first few days. 

Step 4: Mow and Trim the Yard

To add the finishing touch, first conduct a general cleanup of the entire yard by removing anything not used regularly. Be sure that anything that could damage a mower is out of harms way.Then, using a line trimmer cut any grass or weeds that may be hard for a mower to reach. Be careful not to wound small tress and shrubbery with trimmer. Finally, mow, aerate and fertilize the lawn. To promote general lawn health, do not cut more than 1/3rd of the grass blade each time you mow. 

Step 5: Stain, Paint and Sweep

Finally to dress up the hot tub area, stain the wood paneling on the sides, install new awning, plant around perimeter and sweep surrounding walkway.