How Floor Buffers Work

Multi-tasking: What Else Can Floor Buffers Do?

While commercial floor buffers are used almost exclusively for buffing and polishing floors, since a home job scale is much more reduced, there's a greater need for mechanical multi-tasking. That's why home floor buffer models are designed specifically to accommodate a wide variety of additional attachments [source: Parish Supply].

Where the pad driver on a commercial model is extremely difficult to remove, home models feature a pad driver that is easily unsnapped and interchanged. With the right attachments, floor buffers can be used for nearly everything in the flooring process -- from stripping off old wax coating on tile, to removing glue from under tile or other flooring, to leveling a concrete base before installing new flooring materials [source: Fitzel]. A home floor buffer can also be used for more specific tasks, such as cleaning grout or buffing marble [source: Curtiss].

Until now, we've mostly discussed a floor buffer's functions on hard flooring. However, attachments enable these home floor buffer models to live up to their vacuum cleaner-like appearance. With a carpet brush attachment, a home floor buffer can deep clean a dirty carpet using the same power that makes it so effective for bringing floors to a glossy shine [source: Parish Supply].

While floor buffers can be unwieldy, they're versatile and effective enough that they can be a welcome and worthwhile addition to a home or business. For more information on floor buffers and other cleaning and maintenance tools, take a look at the links on the next page.

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