Foxtail Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus meyeri (foxtail asparagus fern) cactus has stems up to two feet long.

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The foxtail asparagus fern cactus from South Africa has stems up to two feet long.
Asparagus meyeri. See more pictures of cacti.

Although it looks like a fern, it is a member of the lily family and originally came from South Africa. Its thick white roots help it survive in unfriendly environments.

If it gets too dry or too warm its leaves turn yellow and drop. The foxtail asparagus looks its best when it is given filtered light, evenly moist heavy soil and a cool night temperature with good air circulation. Since the roots make such a heavy mat that the water will run off the top, occasionally soak the whole pot in a bucket of water.

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