Fuchsia, Lady's Ear Drops

House Plant: Fuchsia

Whether in- or outside, fuchsia bears gorgeous flowers.

The fuchsia is a shrub with arching branches and oval, slightly toothed leaves. It has numerous hanging flowers that look like large earrings. They come in various combinations of white, pink, red, and purple, with corollas and sepals of contrasting colors.

Prune back severely in the fall and keep cool to provoke semi-dormancy. It is commonly put outdoors for the summer. White-flies can be a major problem.

Fuchsia Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Fuchsia sp.

Common Names: Fuchsia, Lady’s Eardrops

Light Requirement for Fuchsia: Full Sun to Bright Light

Water Requirement for Fuchsia: Evenly Moist (summer); Drench, Let Dry (winter)

Humidity for Fuchsia: Average Home

Temperature for Fuchsia: Cool

Fertilizer for Fuchsia: High Phosphorus

Potting Mix for Fuchsia: All-Purpose

Propagation of Fuchsia: Stem Cuttings

Decorative Use for Fuchsia: Hanging Basket, Table

Care Rating for Fuchsia: Demanding

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