Garden Care: Annuals

Caring for your garden annuals begins with the daily task of keeping plants well-watered and picking off withered flowers. However, there are number of activities necessary to keep annuals blooming bright. In this article, you will learn the many different uses for annuals, the particular ailments that may afflict them and how to treat them, and how to ensure continual growth.

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Picture of a cluster of white flowers, nemesias.
Annuals, like this cluster of nemesias, will enhance
your garden for years to come with proper care.
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A large part of keeping your annuals healthy is protecting them from insects, animals, and diseases. To help them flourish and grow, you need to learn how to pinch back your plants and to "deadhead" them. Once you have them thriving, they should last through the season and help lay the foundation for next year's summer garden. And if you really want to make the most of your annuals, take your cut flowers and dry and press them, so you keep keep those beautiful summer flowers for years.

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