10 Flowers With Secret Meanings

Rose - Love
Classic roses are always a welcome floral delivery.
Classic roses are always a welcome floral delivery.

Almost everyone knows a red rose conveys feelings of romantic love. But other colors of roses express different points on the love spectrum. Dark crimson means mourning. Pink means perfect happiness. White says "I am worthy of you" and "you're heavenly," or it can symbolize innocence and purity. Yellow roses are pretty, but they don't carry a positive meaning. They illustrate jealousy or a decrease in love. Did you know a thornless rose indicates love at first sight while tea roses convey "you'll always remember"?

Clearly, not all roses are equal in tone or message. The next time you consider giving roses to someone, it may be worth first making sure the hidden meaning matches your intent … just in case your special someone "speaks" fluent floriography!

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