10 Flowers With Secret Meanings

Peony - Prosperity and Romance
Lush peonies can turn heads -- and hearts.
Lush peonies can turn heads -- and hearts.

This is the flower of riches and honor. Peonies are large, showy flowers with ruffled petals and a light fragrance. They have a particularly feminine charm, and they come in a palette of colors, ranging from white and pink to crimson to inky purples.

There are about 33 peony species, and all have eye-catching foliage. With their plush, full blooms, peonies symbolize prosperity and romance. When a bride carries peonies, she signals that good fortune and a happy marriage are on the horizon. On the other end of the spectrum, peonies can signify shame.

Peonies are in season in late spring and can be found as single or double blooms on bushes.

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