10 Greenhouses Around the World


The New York Botanical Garden

The Big Apple borough of the Bronx is home to The New York Botanical Garden, which boasts two greenhouses among its many gardens. The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is the largest Victorian-style glasshouse in the United States [source: Warren]. Opened in 1902 and restored in 1997, the conservatory is divided into different biomes filled with diverse plant species, including a substantial palm collection.

The Nolen Greenhouses for Living Collections opened at The New York Botanical Garden in 2005. The 43,000-square-foot (approximately 3,995-square-meter) structure has state-of-the-art climate-controlling capabilities such as open-roof ventilation, shade curtains and radiant heat flooring [source: The New York Botanical Garden]. The greenhouse's collection is divided into eight growing areas and includes aquatic plants, desert plants, orchids and ferns [source: The New York Botanical Garden].