10 Greenhouses Around the World


Eden Project

Over the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom, you can visit a horticultural attraction growing out of a former quarry. The Eden Project, which fully opened to the public in 2001, was created on the site of a china clay quarry in Cornwall, England [source: Eden Project]. The major features of the Eden Project are the greenhouses that resemble flexible clear beach balls growing out of the ground. The Rainforest Biome is kept at around 90 percent humidity and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) to create just the right tropical environment [source: Eden Project]. Higher than the Statue of Liberty at 50 meters tall (approximately 164 feet), the Rainforest Biome simulates a jungle feel with more than 1,000 different plant species, including banana plants, tropical ferns and even the rare Titan arum, or corpse flower, which packs a powerful smell [source: U.S. Department of the Interior and Eden Project].

The other enclosed greenhouse holds the Mediterranean Biome, which mimics the climate of South Africa and California. Guests will find a variety of plants that thrive in these warm, temperate conditions, including olive trees, orange trees and cork plants [source: Eden Project].

You don't have to travel far to visit the next greenhouse on the list because it also hails from the United Kingdom.