10 Impossible-to-kill Plants


English Ivy (Hedera)

You know a plant is hardy when even people who want to kill it are often unsuccessful. That's the case with the ivy, whose creeping tendrils and root systems can fairly take over gardens, fences, sheds and even houses. Therefore, planting invasive ivy in the ground may bring future problems you don't want to deal with. But if you keep it contained to a pot, either indoors or outdoors, you get all the hardy benefits without the takeover troubles.

By directing your ivy's fast-growing tendrils, you can create any number of whimsical topiaries. To create a privacy screen on a patio or deck, stick a wooden trellis in a big pot, plant English ivy and watch it take over. The plant likes moist, well-drained soil and bright light. To keep it bushy, pinch of the tips of new growth.

The next plant could be called the quintessential hanging houseplant.