10 Impossible-to-kill Plants


Pothos (Scindapus)

These stems can go for days if they're not trimmed.
These stems can go for days if they're not trimmed.

The glossy leaves of the pothos plant are heart-shaped and often variegated with green and white. This very hardy plant looks nice in a hanging basket, where the leafy stems will grow vigorously to astonishing lengths if you don't pinch the ends off. Pothos likes moist, well-drained soil, and it gets along well with other plants. You could put a pothos in the same pot with other houseplants to create a little indoor garden, or to fill in around the base of a potted tree.

This plant can lose color in low light [source: University of Illinois Extension]. To keep the striped, variegated colors vivid, rather than fading into on monochromatic tone, make sure this plant gets lots of bright light, though not too much direct sun. In fact, this plant can grow in offices with virtually no natural light. Propagating new pothos plants could not be easier: Just pinch off 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) of stem with a few leaves attached, put the cut end in a glass of water and voila! In a few days or a week, you'll see little roots begin to grow. When the roots get a little longer, put the new plant in some soil, and all the fun begins again.

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