10 Impossible-to-kill Plants


Jade Plant (Crassula)

Jade plants are thick-leaved succulents that can live for a long time -- decades even -- and can grow into small trees. They originate in South Africa, where they grow up to 10 feet (3 meters) high. Jade plants like warm temperatures and bright light, even a few hours of direct sun. Too little bright light and the stems can be weak. As for moisture, let the soil dry somewhat before watering. You can see the leaves begin to shrivel a little when watering is needed. Too much water and the roots could rot.

These plants are easy to propagate. Just stick half a leaf, cut side down, into some moist soil, and you'll have a new plant shortly. Theoretically, jade plants bloom with delicate white flowers. However, it would not be unusual for a jade plant to go years without putting out flowers [source: University of Oklahoma Department of Botany & Microbiology]. So if it's flowers you're after, the jade plant might disappoint. If you're looking for a longtime companion, it's a good choice.

But if flowers are the only thing that will do, the easy-care plant on the next page is simple to love.