10 Impossible-to-kill Plants



This is another one of those plants that grows better than you might want, especially as it takes over your yard. But if you want a feeling of satisfaction for your gardening proficiency, planting fast-growing bamboo will give you that.

Bamboo grows best in a warm, humid and tropical climate. However, the American Bamboo Society (ABS)lists some cold-hardy species that can tolerate frost. In recent years, bamboo has become an environmentally preferred material for furniture, floors and other household furnishings. Bamboo plants are said to remove carbon dioxide from the air and are being marketed as environmentally beneficial.

Bamboo is valued in landscapes for its quick growth to provide a tropical ambiance and tall privacy screens. Some bamboos grow to 30 feet (9 meters). To avoid the invasion of bamboo in places you'd rather not have it, the ABS suggests choosing a species whose roots clump rather than one whose roots have runners.

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