Top 10 Low-light Plants

If your land doesn't get much direct sunlight, your garden can still thrive with low-light plants. See pictures of famous gardens.

Just because your yard is shaded doesn't mean you can't grow stunning plants and flowers. You might even be surprised by how much vegetation prefers minimal sunlight.

While many perennials favor light shade, some will still blossom in relatively dense umbrage. Flowering annuals, on the other hand, have quite different preferences. Generally, the more sunshine they get, the better. They don't flourish well in intensely dark areas, but some like light shade more than full sun.

Whether your garden is blanketed in shadows, or you simply don't want to give your greenery much attention, you'll fare favorably with these 10 agreeable plants. All of them thrive in low-light areas and produce eye-catching flowers that pop with color.