Top 10 Low-light Plants



Forget-me-nots flourish in less-than-sunny conditions.
Forget-me-nots flourish in less-than-sunny conditions.

As you may guess from its name, forget-me-not is quite memorable! It grows into thick mats of tiny green leaves sprinkled with flat, five-petaled flowers that are usually blue, though sometimes its petals are pink or white. To plant, scatter seeds after the last frost, and cover sparingly with one-eighth inch of garden soil. It grows well underneath taller plants or in shady areas that call for a cheerful ground cover. Soil doesn't need to be incredibly rich, but it should always stay moist. Once or twice a season, give forget-me-not some general-purpose fertilizer. Insects or diseases aren't common problems for this low-maintenance plant, so it will thrive without your constant attention.