Top 10 Prettiest Flowers


Wildcat Orchid

Look closely -- it's an orchid, not a cat!
Look closely -- it's an orchid, not a cat!

All varieties of orchids are beautiful, but the wildcat orchid has the distinction of being both attractive and really, really groovy.

Yes, from a distance, the flower looks like a regular orchid in a tie-dye T-shirt. But up close, the molted-burgundy-on-bright-yellow bloom appears hypnotic and striking, like the pattern on an as-yet-undiscovered big cat. It's one of the most unusual colorings in the orchid family (of which there are more than 20,000 species), and this particular variation is a hybrid of mixed orchid parentage. Your local florist may not have a dozen wildcat blooms ready to go, but it's possible to find the flower online.