Top 10 Prettiest Flowers


White Egret Orchid

The white egret orchid is one of the world's most unique flowers and only grows indigenously in the rice fields of Japan. The flower's petals divide and split off to the side, much like the wings of a bird. Even more amazingly, the tips of the petal-wings are fringed, giving the flower an uncanny resemblance to feathers. The bloom widens where the petals split, forming the shape of a head. To look at the white egret orchid, you'd be convinced of the unmistakable resemblance to a soaring bird.

As you can imagine, these beautiful, rare blooms are expensive. And gardeners be warned: They're not for beginning horticulturalists. Because its indigenous habitat is frequently flooded, the white egret orchid requires frequent, heavy watering and constant temperature monitoring. For those with the funds and the patience, these little blooms provide a one-of-a kind floral experience.