10 Things Your Garden Wishes You Knew

Know When to Fertilize Me

I know you want me to reward you with huge vegetables and beautiful blooms. And you think that will happen as long as every spring you sprinkle me with fertilizer. But I'd like to give you a little lesson on when I need it and how to use it. Ideally, over the years, you've amended me with lots of organic matter and plenty of earthworms so that I'm a fully functioning, plant-growing machine. If that's the case, I shouldn't need a lot of extra fertilizer. But sometimes, when you add a new plant that has evolved in a different kind of soil, some fertilizer may help it acclimate. Just know that you should only add it when plants are in a growing phase. And if my plants look sick or struggling, dumping a bunch of fertilizer on them will probably do more harm than good.

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